Allergy Table

At SHAKEz we only use the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers to produce products that are freshly prepared to order. If you have any specific dietary requirements (e.g. nuts allergy, gluten free), please let us know before ordering. As some of our menu items may contain nuts, seeds & other allergens. Therefore, there is a small risk that tiny traces of these may be in your product.

table-01 (1)CakesChocolate Fudge CakeRed Velvet CakeCarrot CakeMilkshakesBubbliciousCookies n’ CreamNutty FerreroThe Kinder SurpriseThe Mint ClassicThe InfusionMango DelightChocolate Bar SHAKEzBiscuit SHAKEzGelatoBlue BubblegumCookies n’ CreamVanillaChocolateMilkWhiteCookie Dough (Milk Choc)Cookie Dough (White Choc)WafflesBiscuit CurlContainsCookie Dough, Waffles & Biscuit CurlsProduct NameSuitable forVegetariansSuitablefor VeganSuitable forCoeliacSoya andDerivativesGlutenNuts andDerivativesEgg andDerivativesMilk andDerivatives