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Shakez Desserts

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Summer 2020 was a time not to be forgotten by many. For us it was the start to an adventurous and challenging journey, which led to the opening of SHAKEz.

SHAKEz Desserts is family-run business built on solid grounding with hard-work and entrepreneurial spirit. We endeavour to ensure that any product which sits under the SHAKEz brand is synonymous with quality and excellence.

Super Creamy

Super SHAKEz

Try one of our wide selection of milkshakes and feel a mouthful of sheer pleasure. Order now and enjoy this truly refreshing experience.



Think, imagine and let us create a heavenly sweet dessert from our selection. Indulge and discover your favourite dessert from our selection of Milkshakes, Waffles, Cookie Dough and Cakes!


The Infusion

Fresh strawberries and bananas infused with strawberry sauce to make the ultimate shake
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Classic Dream

Served with luxury Lotus sauce, crumbled Lotus biscuits and presented with vanilla ice cream
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White Oreo Cookie Dough

White Oreo Cookie Dough

Soft and warm white Oreo-infused cookie dough served with a drizzle of white chocolate sauce, crumbled Oreo cookies and presented with cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream
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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake served with a drizzle of strawberry sauce and presented with vanilla ice cream
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Fresh Ingredients

Freshness with Added Goodness

At SHAKEz we only use the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers to produce products that are freshly prepared to order. If you have any specific dietary requirements (e.g. nuts allergy, gluten free), please let us know before ordering.

SHAKEz Delivery


With Covid Restrictions, there really is no need to venture out! With our delivery partners we can make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite food.

They Love us

Customer Testimonials

We consider your feedback to be of great importance and we ensure that every customer leaves with 100% satisfaction.